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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 2, 2014 11:02pm-12:03am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] next on abc7 news at 11:00, a car crashes into a backyard pool ox and it is not the first time it has happened this week. plus -- >> a break in the rain in time for the stars. mother nature must be a movie fan. i'm on the red carpet in los angeles. all of the glamour coming up. and a bay area teenager with a front row seat. >> and a bay area man who is making history without playing a single note. abc7 news at 11:00 starts good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm larry beil. a 14-year-old girl was hit and killed by a train in martinez near old orchard and howe roads. >> lilian kim joins us with the details. lilian? >> ama, these tracks are said
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to be a popular shortcut, but this evening one teenage empyreal was unable to get -- teenage girl was unable to get out of the way of the on coming train. she was trying to retrieve her cell phone. martinez police say she was on the railroad tracks with her boyfriend. they reportedly got out of the way when they saw the train coming around the bend. but the girl ran back on to the tracks when she realized she dropped her cell phone. moments later the freight train hit and killed her. people who lived near the tracks were horrified. >> really, really tragic and unfortunate. a bad accident like that could be your last bad decision. >> plus -- police processed the scene and collected evidence. walking along their tracks is trespassing, but difficult to enforce. police hope this tragic accident will remind others of the risks of walking along the tracks. in martinez, lilian kim, abc7 news. it is deja vu for a
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frustrated antioch homeowner for for the second time in a week found a car in his backyard pool. craig couldn't believe it happened again just after midnight on saturday morning. police say 18-year-old david martinez was drunk, behind the wheel of this car when he crashed through his backyard fence and splash landed into his pool. martinez was later arrested. the two minors riding with him were unharmed. another car did the exact same thing six days ago. >> my neighbors say what are the odds? >> go out and buy a lotto ticket. >> he shared these photos of last week's crash showing the other car submerged in his pool. >> two major fires are raising safety concerns over on the lack of sprinklers. thousands of apart meant buildings don't have them, but one city wants to do something about it. vic lee is live with the story you will see only on abc7
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news. vic? >> that is one of the two large apartment buildings in redwood city that caught on last year. neither had sprinkler systems and by law they didn't have to. even though there is a consensus among the fire officials that the sprinklers save lives and property. redwood city on july 7th. early in the morning a monstrous fire swept through a 72-unit apartment building. the fire killed one tenant and injured 21 others. three months later nearly three miles away they fought another six alarmer at an apartment building. this time four people are injured. the fire filled the interior hallways and blocking residents from exit paths. >> the sprinkler system would have kept the fires in check. >> he is a fire marshall in redwood city. >> it would have confined it to the room or the area of
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origin until we could have gotten on scene and completed the distinguish meant. >> they require sprinkler systems for the large apartments constructed after 1989. this was the impetus of the law. the deadliest apartment fire in los angeles' history. it happened in 1982. 25 people died. 30 injured. as the fire roared through the dorothy may apartments, a building with no sprinklers. the u.s. census data shows that a in the bay area, apartment buildings make 30% of the housing stock. most were built before the sprinklers were required. building owners say retrofitting them would be expensive costing an average of $8 to $15 a square foot. 5* 12-unit apartment building would be around $100,000. she is with the apartment association. >> safety is paramount. but we thought the same policy goals could be achieved by
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sophisticated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. >> police say they are looking seriously at a a more moderate retrofitting program approved by the city of los angeles for older buildings. the dorothy may ordinance would be more affordable to landlords. >> they put together a program that allowed them to look at every individual apartment building and think of ways to provide an additional fire safety standard. for example, maybe have a sprinkler head that is directly above a one bedroom apartment unit that is directly by the front door. >> he says every little bit helps. the bottom line is that sprinklers save lives and slow the spread of fires. vic lee, abc7 news. turning now to our weather as the wet, gray morning and light rain is falling all-around the bay. more wet weather is on the way. >> meteorologist leigh glaser is up on the roof of the abc7
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news broadcast center with our first check on live doppler 7hd. >> hi, everyone. let's get to our live doppler hd. you can see the showers already starting to redevelop off the coast. this is in association with the storm system. it is very weak although it will bring us rain throughout the day on monday. we'll look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> you saw it here on abc7. hollywood's biggest night, an historic win for best picture. >> the oscar goes to "12 years a slave." >> director steve mcqueen's film took the top prize caping a big night that had many oscar firsts. >> katie was there looking
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spectacular in her dress. katie? >> you are so sweet. i will fill you in in a little bit. have i to start at the beginning which dash a dash i have to start at the beginning and the sun was shining and i loved her open oning line in her monologue about what a hard time it has been because of the rain and thank you for your prayers. honestly it was a better experience without the rain and it was a great experience for a team from los gatos. >> the red carpet was a ball. jennifer law wryness -- jennifer law swrens -- lawrence stood out in red and host ellen do generous -- ellen degeneres couldn't resist. >> you know when you fell when you got out of the car? no one needs to know that. >> watching from a front row seat, a 17-year-old from los gal toes. he wants to make in movies.
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when the make a wish foundation asked what he president whatted he said going to the oscars. >> i felt i couldn't ask for something. i felt there were so many other people who could need that wish more than i did. >> a senior in mountain view finished chemo last month. his treatment for bone cancer. >> so far it is beautiful and awe inspiring. >> leto went straight for the heart when accepting for "dallas buyers club." >> i want to say i love you mom. thank you for teaching me to dream. >> back stage, things are lighter. >> does anyone want to try it out for size? >> they tossed it to matthew mcconaghey whose weight loss gained him an award. >> should i say all right, all right, all right? >> and best actress from "12 years a slave." >> what i learned is i don't have to be anybody else.
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myself is good enough. when i am being true to that self, i can avail myself to extraordinary things such as this. >> the best actress award to cate blanchett. >> those of us in the industry who are still foolishly clinging to the idea that the female films with women at the center are niche experiences. in fact they earn money. >> ellen kept things interesting and hip getting meryl streep to tweet. and this pic the most retweeted in the history of twitter. i thought ellen was hilarious. right now on the red carpet we are watching people leave the governor's ball. enough about everyone else. let's bring it back to me, if we can. i want to thank a designer san francisco who made this beautiful dress and loaned it to me and a stylist picked the
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color and the earrings and shoes and put everything together. this is not me. this is my cinderella moment, but thank you to everyone who made it possible. i am done for tonight. we will be back tomorrow morning. we will meet up with kelly and michael on "live with kelly and michael." looking forward to that. hope you had a great night and en enjoyed -- and enjoyed watching the oscars. i know i did. >> no point in sleeping because you have to get up early for the morning news. just enjoy the party. >> we are waiting for this selfie to set more records. this is our selfie we tried to take in the newsroom and post-it on twitter. >> a personal apology to vic lee. he is in the back tbrowpped -- background in the monitor. that's how it turned out. later this hour, we will take you to the bay area oscar party where it was about more than just the movies tonight. we will also hear from the bay area oscar winner. >> and ahead, the man who
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never needs a ticket to hang out are rock legends. his back stage pass, plus -- >> the spontaneous and touching tribute to a world war ii veteran when abc news at 11:00 continues. for what reality teaches you firsthand. in the face of danger, and under the most demanding circumstances. experience builds character. experience builds confidence. and experience... has built this. introducing the 2014 glk. the engineering and the experience of mercedes-benz. starting at $37,480.
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behind the lens to capture
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those iconic moments. >> and a man who makes music history without playing a single note. >> in the world of concert rock and roll, if you have it, you don't stand in line and you don't need a ticket. you eat with the band. >> trust is a big part of the whole thing. >> feeling the energy that comes from the stage with these guys, these musicians is a rush. >> and in his case, renewable. he is on a first name basis with bands and earned the access for talent. >> i do not play guitar. >> i do not play drums. >> i play the camera. >> does he ever. chances are you don't know his name, but his work, iconic. it is part of an ever growing archive. >> this night it is a packed theater in oakland for an off shoot of the osmond brother
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bands. he has been sticking cameras in his face since the early 1980s. until this moment, he had not seen the latest pictures in the eighth and newest book called "jam." an insider's look at rock and roll concerts as performance art. >> i am capturing energy and music in a fraction of a second. >> he began doing this at 16 years old. he was a kid with his dad's camera at a grateful dead concert who made friends with the band and years later earned enough trust to shoot this famous portrait of jerry garcia. >> they gave me 90 seconds to do the portrait. >> no portrait happens easily and he had a special idea. >> i will shoot 10 pictures if i can, if he will sit that long. >> do you see the guitarist sharing the stage? he is from the doors and this one-time meeting between 1960s rock royalty and new
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millenial southern come -- comfort. if only he could get them together for a shot. for 90 seconds a man who makes an art 6 blending in the background took teat tall con -- total control. >> wayne you have to come out of there of the. >> we got it. >> oh he got it. >> that photograph is pop culture history. >> and that's what access really buys. one more small, but significant moment for the archives. from oakland, wayne freedman, abc7 news. a 905-year-old world war -- a 95-year-old world war ii veteran came out to support runners and it was a spontaneous tribute to him. he cheered on the racers and runners took a small detour to shake his hand and say thanks.
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the run raised money for military veterans. >> it was such a nice moment there. >> it was awesome. >> if you are driving to work tomorrow morning, it is probably going to be in the rain. >> now to leigh glaser who is is up on the roof with our workweek forecast. >> hi, everyone. especially in the morning and especially in the north bay. let's get to live doppler 7hd. we have been in a nice little break this evening. you can see the moisture is already starting to redevelop off the coast. we have another band of mows tour that will swing in and it may get a little dicey in the north bay for the morning commute. we will all have to deal with the puddles and the moderate rain for the evening commute. temperatures in the 50s. 49 in los gatos from our emeryville cam. you can see right there, nice, clear water on the bay. 51 in fairfield and livermore 50 degrees. increasing clouds tonight. the rain should begin in the
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north bay and rain likely for the entire bay area tomorrow. a brief break on tuesday and then more showers on wednesday night and thursday. you can see on our water vapor the jet stream is going to pick up the moisture field and bring it on in. in fact, here is a look at our 5:00 a.m. morning commute. our forecast anna mages, ukiah down -- animation. expect a wet commute tomorrow morning. and then you can get the picture, 11:00 a.m. this is when all of the rain will slide south. check out 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. moderate rain in the north bay. and it slides over toward the east bay as well. there is 6:00 and by 11:00 tomorrow night some of this will start to ease on up. we will get into a break on tuesday. how much rainfall? an inch, inch and a quarter. north bay locations in the higher elevations. lower elevations a half an inch. the south bay mountains as much as three quarters of an inch.
11:21 pm
the rain will be heaviest toward the afternoon hours. upper 50s and near 60 degrees. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. a bit of a break on tuesday afternoon and wednesday lacks dry until we get into wednesday night. we thicken the clouds and we bring in rain. and then it stays with us off and on on thursday and then after that, bring on the spring time, friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 70s. and next sunday is when we return to daylight saving time. we will lose an hour of sleep, but we gain an hour of light. be careful. >> thank you. tensions escalate in the ukraine. what the u.s. is doing to try to get
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♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪ says john kerry is headed to ukraine to meet with government leader there's on tuesday. >> this after russia escalated the crisis in the former
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soviet republic. the u.s. believes russia now has complete control of the crimea peninsula, a pro russia part of the ukraine. >> several stopped planning for the g summit in june. they hopes it prompts russia to withdraw forces from the ukraine. >> this is something we can be responsible for. >> local ukrainians and others singled out vladimir putin. today's protesters called on the u.s. government to put dip plaw plaw -- diplomatic pressure on russia. in sports, the warriors head north of the bredder minus one of their key big men whose pass worth is where exactly? sports is next.
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and they had to wave goodbye toy neil as he went to canada. he either lost or had his passport stolen. ♪ o canada ♪ glorious and free that's enough of that. steve blake getting used to his new teammates. the lob to lee. steph curry would lead all scores with 34 points. look at this move in the paint. warriors are up three after three. dismal when trailing in the fourth quarter. he scores there. steph with the left to keep the warriors in it. turnovers were costly and they could not stop derosen. warriors are off to indiana on tuesday. stanford visiting arizona. a win gives the wild cats the pac-12 regular season crown. gordon out of archbishop and then two more for gordon.
11:30 pm
look at this little show and go. he lead the cats with 19 points and 15 boards. the jordan tribute with the tongue there. they wrap up the title. to the ice and is there a goalie controversy with the sharks? in the shirred game back he started his back up net minder for the second time in three games. sharks are facing their former teammate. the devils stay locked solid 21 out of 20 resaves. torres back from the acl injury. ties it up at two apiece. the third period and pavel ski and the one timer. 3-2 sharks. he forces the turnover and patrick marlow with a little snap shot on cory schneider. the sharks win it 4-2.
11:31 pm
cactus league action and giants and d-backs in scottsdale and pablo sandoval. a little blooper to get the giants scoring. tim hudson, his giant debut. remember he broke his ankle on a play at homeplate last season. no problem here. the giants win it 5-3. a's and angels. if you do this to your child, i believe he will get even with you when he grows up. fifth inning and a's up 1-0 and two men on. a drive off joe blanton. donaldson hustling to score and a's with a throughy-2 victory. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you, larry. just ahead, more bad weather in california. the amazing sight caught. and the length some are going to in california's drought and the news
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i'm ama dates. >> i'm larry beil. a 14-year-old girl was hit and killed by a freight train in martinez trying to retrieve a cell phone she dropped on the tracks. it happened around 5:00 this afternoon. >> an antioch homeowner is cleaning up a big mess after a car slammed into a fence and landing in a swimming pool. the driver of the car was arrested for drunk driving. >> an alameda county firefighter will be okay after falling through the home of a floor in san leandro. it is the second time crews were called out to this home in recent months. >> as the drought continues some farmers are turning to an old way to find water, but it is a method scientists long dismissed.
11:36 pm
abc7 news reporter sergio talk i had with a water witcher who says his phone has been ringing off the hook. >> which direction does the water flow? >> people not in farming think he is crazy. >> he helped locate a spot to drill a well. >> a guy is walking down the road trying to find water. 24r is a little something strange. >> barber was a skeptic, but these days he trusts his friend's water witching talents. >> with the drought it has gotten busy. >> he is known as a wine maker and even has a label on his side job. property owners are trying to tap other sources. >> i got a letter from one of my properties saying you are getting half of the water you normally get. there are other districts saying you are getting no water. >> mark and his copper rods have been busy because of the drought. he says he found plenty of
11:37 pm
water sources in properties throughout the area. finding water he said is pretty easy. but drilling for it is another problem. >> there are so many people wanting to drill wells now. we have a back up of three months. >> if the drought continues he will stay busy. >> the water will be the next oil in california. >> abc7 news. >> he will find a lot of water like that. >> a funnel cloud caught the attention of several residents in the central valley. check out this video in the merced county town. the funnel cloud never touched the ground and caused no damage. evacuation orders have been lifted for residents in a los angeles county community of glendora and monrovia. concerns about flooding and mudslides is now over. both areas were scared by massive wildfires that left nearby hillsides bare. snow and ice is
11:38 pm
threatening much of the country. the east coast could see ice and 12 inches of snow. nearly 1600 flights were canceled today. a thousand flights are canceled for tomorrow. it has been 40 years since the zodiac killer began his rein of terror in the bay area. >> and now with the abc7 news i team a new york man says his friend was the inphos muss -- infamous murderer. dan noyes has the story. >> investigators have tied the same man, the zodiac, to five murders in 1968 and 1969. he sent cryptic messages to newspapers and taunting the police about their inability to arrest him. in december of 1968 two teenagers killed in vaw knee shaw -- you vaw knee shaw. >> they were ordered out of the car and shot. >> 1969 a couple shot while parked in vallejo. the female victim died and the
11:39 pm
male survived. >> this guy literally shot them to pieces. >> september of 1969, a masked man stabbed two people in napa county killing one of them. >> we wanted to administer first-aid, but there was no place to give first-aid. >> october of 1969, a san francisco cab drive shot and killed. days later a local paper received a letter from the zodiac claiming responsibility for the murder along with a piece of a bloody shirt. >> analysis of the letter indicates the killer is the same man who committed five murders. >> over the last 45 years police investigated and cleared 2500 suspects and the tips keep coming including the one from randy kenny from upstate new york. >> he said i killed some people. i'm the guy they are looking for. they have been looking for me for 30 years. i am the guy that is the zodiac killer. >> kenny tells the i team his best friend luis meyers confessed in 2001 after doctors told him he was dying
11:40 pm
from cirrhosis of the liver. kenny said meyers asked him until wait until after he died to tell authorities and he wanted kenny to write a book with the proceeds going to the victims' family. meyers died in 2002 and kenny spent years trying to get police to listen. >> i really truly feel that luis was 100% honest with me that day. >> myers lived in vallejo from 1955-then 71 and -- 1971 and said why he became a killer at 17. >> over a girl he broke up with. that's what the deal was with the couples. >> he has interesting connections with the crimes. number one. >> went to school with the kids. >> meyers went to vallejo and hogan high schools and could have known the first zodiac victims. number two. >> he worked in the restaurant with the waitress. >> luis worked as a busboy at terry's restaurant in vallejo and so did one of the zodiac
11:41 pm
victims. number three. >> a distinctive footprint. >> a boot print was found at the crime scene. meyers' family worked on mare island and have access to this boot. meyers didn't know san francisco cabdriver paul stein. >> he was just robbing the cabdriver. >> he told you that? >> yeah, that was for drug money. >> he got in trouble unrelated to the zodiac murders. it includes disorderly conduct, theft and possession of stolen property. >> luis was a good guy. >> bob was childhood friends with luis in vallejo, but stopped hanging out with mim when he -- him when he was getting arrested. >> it got him in the army. >> military records show him in germany between june of 1971 and january of 1973. the zodiac didn't send letters during that time.
11:42 pm
after the army, meyers moved back to new york and was a long haul trucker making runs back to the bay area. meyers also confessed to him in 1976. >> and that was the time he told me he was the zodiac. >> he didn't believe meyers at the time, but has changed his mind. >> it freaked me out and i pushed it aside. we never talked about it again. >> he could have been a nut job who had dilutions of being a serial killer. >> that's possible too. >> two retired cops are skeptical a teenager could have pulled off the attacks and myers does not seem to fit witness descriptions including one by a surviving victim. >> the picture of this myerss guy doesn't -- to me doesn't look anything like what michael described. >> still, the former officers believe the luis myers' tip is credible enough to pursue, especially if they can come up with new evidence that ties him to the crimes.
11:43 pm
>> the suspect will keep certain items they use in a homicide, the knife, the gun, the hood. >> those are items kenny hasn't seen and doesn't have. >> i talked to san francisco and that's what they want is the smoking gun. i don't have it. >> all of the law enforcement agencies investigating the zodiac declined to be interviewed on camera because it is an open investigation. we spoke with meyers' family by phone and some say there is no way he was a killer. the daughter says she would like police to look into it and give a final answer. dan noyes, abc7 news. still to come, the glitz and glamour of the oscars and the big moment that blew up twitter tonight. >> plus, the oscar winner celebrating in the bay area. >> and is there more rain ahead this week?
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stars walked the red carpet for the academy awards and we watched some local stars on abc7. >> who were the stars in your neighborhood? they may not be celebrities and actors, but they all remind us what is great about living in the bay area. >> find out more about the stars where you live on our website, a a bc7 >> it was a night to remember at the academy awards in
11:47 pm
hollywood. >> sandy, sandy you have money. you have a lot of money. you can tip him, right? where is harvey weinstein? >> calling up the moguls. ellen jaw -- ellen kept them well fed with pizza and her jokes and the glenda the good witch garb and a record-setting selfie made for a first at the 86th academy awards awards and poorly -- poor leonardo dicaprio didn't win begin. it was the first ever berkeley wood benefit featured rita moreno. she offered this crew teak of this -- critique of the movie. >> the product is astonishing. the performances, the films,
11:48 pm
the direction, the script has been sue purr law tiff. >> she raised money for the berkeley film foundation. >> living and breathing oscar statues took center stage in san francisco. the return to the emerald city gala raised money for local aids and hiv charities. academy of friends has been fighting aids and hiv for 30 years now. a familiar face to many of you, don sanchez hosted an oscars watch party in downtown san rafael. he retired in 2012 after roying roying -- after reporting live reports for years. the california film institute helps 5,000 children learn about movies and how they are made each year. >> to celebrate the oscars, abc7 is giving away free movie tickets for a whole year through through our facebook page. today's winner is natalie v from fremont. one more winner to be announced tomorrow. all you have to do is like us at news and
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fill out the entry form. to find out what your weather will be like as you head to work tomorrow morning, leigh glaser is up on the roof. >> live doppler 7hd is already showing you light showers making their way across the north bay. we will see the showers on the increase as we head into tomorrow morning. guys, if you are traveling back east, washington, d.c., get ready for a snowstorm there. 24 degrees and new york 22. dallas 38 and southern california, they just had a lot of rain over the weekend. los angeles will see sunshine and 67 degrees. it will be rainy here in the bay area. rain will be likely across the bay area. heaviest rain around that 5 p.m. commute tomorrow evening. morning showers on tuesday and wednesday and wednesday night and thursday. next klans of showers. next chance of showers. reare dry fry -- we are dry on friday, saturday and sunday. be careful on your commute. >> thank you, leigh.
11:50 pm
larry does it now for sports. >> where was o'neil during the game today? we will answer that and the shot that left absolute sh
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
jackson did not hide his true feelings after today's game in toronto. he called it a bad loss, especially for a team fighting
11:53 pm
to make the playoffs. jermaine o'neil cooperate find his passport -- couldn't find his passport and couldn't go to toronto. sharp without him early. steve blake with the lob. 20 points and 11 boards. steph curry lead the way with 34 points. nice move in the lane here. golden state up 78-75 after three. but they could not stop derosen. dribbling between defenders and finishes with the left there. the fourth quarter turnovers were costly and derosen went off. he had 32. raptors won it 104-98 and warriors play the pacers on tuesday. stanford vees tig arizona -- visiting arizona with the pac-12 regular season title and gordon was flying high with authority. more for gordon. a game high 22 for stanford. they were never really in any
11:54 pm
contention. the jordan tribute with the tongue and arizona wins it 79-66 pac-12 champs. he was a healthy scratch a couple days ago against buffalo. message, received. you want to play, bring it. he did that today in new jersey. the sharks are facing their former buddy and teammate with the devils. you will get nothing and like it. second period and torres is back from the acl surgery and looking good. a 2-2 game and in the third little joe pavel ski feeds him for the one timer his 7th of the year. 3-2 sharks and then forcing the turnover and resulting in the patrick marlow goal to seal it. sharks with a victory. cactus league, giants and diamondbacks in scottsdale. the first inning and it is the panda. slimmer, trimmer and still hitting. scoring buster posey.
11:55 pm
tim hudson making his giants debut. a little scared when you see a play at first. he got injured and broke his ankle on a similar play, but they complete the double play. two shutout innings and the giants win it 5-3. a's and angels. check out sparky with the mohawk. for now, he is wearing it. the drive off former a and up against the wall and two runs score and the a's post a 3-2 victory. tiger woods withdrew from the honda classic because of back pass seems. he was over at the time and not sure if he can play next week where he is the defending champ. mcilroy withdrew and came in as the leader at 12 under and here is where things go terribly wrong. into the drink and a double bogey. despite that he had a chance to win and he makes this putt on 18 for eagle. no. they go to a four-way
11:56 pm
playoff. his second career win worth over a million dollars. and a fantastic finish on the lpga tour in singapore. the pride of pleasanton, the second playoff hole and a 75 footer for eagle and reads the break and plenty of speed and down it goes. the puck was great and the celebration was even better. paula is in disbelief. it is her first win since the 20 tin u.s. open. nascar in phoenix. the profit on cnbc500 and who is naming these races please? rough day for danica patrick. a small wreck early on. 18 laps later and blows a tire and finishes 36th. kevin harvick loves this track and dominates this track and wins for the fifth time most all time in phoenix. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you so much, larry. that is it for tonight.
11:57 pm
i'm ama dates. >> and i'm larry beil. thank you for pointing that out. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning bright and early. katie will be live in hollywood. i think she is just passing on the sleep. >> i think she is too. >> that's at 4:30. >> the news continues on line, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile device wtz abc7 news app. have a great night, everyone.
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previously on "castle"... (montgomery) four years ago, the triple killer, or 3xk, took the lives of 6 women looking for is marcus gates.ate when gates got released, he gave all of his stuff to jerry tyson, a fellow inmate. we just need a little more information on marcus gates. don't you guys get it? i'm a dead man. (beckett) not if we get you police protection. for your own safety, you cannot leave or use the phone. (beckett) ter?did you kil? yes. i killed all of them. he confessed. it's all over.
12:01 am
thank god. aren't you gonna ask what happened? it was him all along. he's the real triple killer. (grunting) oh! (clicks) guilty as charged. you won't get far. they already have your name, know your face. i'll change those. done that before. i'll relocate. i'll start over. it must eat you alive, knowing that you came so close to catching me. (rumbling) (grunts) (grunts)ing) (groans and grunts)
12:02 am
(sirens wailing) (police radio chatter) grande skim latte, two pumps sugar-free vanilla. castle, i think you read my mind. (grunts) surgery? yeah. sometimes the scar pulls a bit. and you still don't remember anything about that day? no. it's a blank. (radio chatter continues) (officer speaks indistinctly (castle) thank you. wow. who knew cement overcoats would be back for fall? i need to chisel out the concrete by hand before i can autopsy, but it's pretty clear she was shot to death. (ryan) found these two slugs in the dirt. looks to be a 9-millimeter. guy was a pro. double tap. one in the back of the head, she falls, then he hits her again to make sure. buries her in the sand. and then waits for the cement truck to come in in the morning to finish off the job. execution-style murder, cement trucks-- can anyone else say mob hit? i'm looking at concrete evidence right here. is that purse from in here? yeah. according to her pearce college i.d., our victim's name is jane herzfeld.